hósdagur, 25. juli 2013

Life in Hoyvík

Skrivað hevur: Simona Iacob & Bogdan Florea

Mynd á forsíðu: Jan Egil Kristiansen

Simona Iacob og Bodgan Florea skriva um tað at vera her hjá okkum.

About three years ago, as sportives, we decided to experience something new and so we had the opportunity to come to the Faroe Islands.

Certainly we have been a little bit unsure about what will come. However, when we got here we discovered the beauty of the nature and the people's hospitality. All the people we met, especially the ones who are in charge of H71 club, but also those who support this club, took good care of us from the very first day.

They took care of everything so we could enjoy being here from all points of view. As a result we became more and more confident, even feeling the warmth that only a family can give.

As for handball H71 club shows seriousity and good organising starting from the youngest groups all the way to the best team, the AA-group, which leads in the right way. More and more often there are positive results, even close to a professional level, all this being possible due to each member responsible with huge involvement and dedication both in miscellaneous projects and problem solving.

Because of the experience we have gained in all this time, we warmly recommend H71 both to all handball fans and to the ones interested in a collaboration with the club.

We bring thanks to the club and all supporters and we wish you a lot of medals from now on and prosperity.

Best regards.

Simona and Bogdan


Hondbóltsfelagið H71
Postsmoga 1067
FO-188 Hoyvík

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